Vehicle Dismantling System


SEDA TankDrillingMachine

For more than 20 years and at more than 2500 dismantling business worldwide the robust SEDA-TankDrillingMachine has entrenched itself as the industries favourite ELV drainage device.

To date more than 30 million fuel tanks have been drained without a single serious incident. Used as part of a complete drainage station or as a stand alone product the tank drill is considered to be the heart of any ELV drainage system.

When drilling into potentially explosive environments performance is nothing without safety. The SEDA TankDrillingMachine has been university tested with thermal imaging cameras under all possible scenarios and declared risk free which is why it easily passed the new ultra strict European ATEX certification test for machines used in potentially explosive environments.

The air powered machine drills in to the vehicles fuel tank sucking out fuel at up to 20 litres per minute without spilling a drop and virtually without fumes. A series of filters and the optional fuel quality control ensures that the drained fuel is as clean as it can be. After drainage the perfectly uniform hole can be easily plugged preventing residual drops of fuel contaminating your yard.

The reliable air powered drill and specially designed drill bit make light work of metal or plastic fuel tanks while the powerful vacuum unit sucks the drilling head flush against the fuel tank eliminating petrol fumes and allowing a drainage rate of up to 20 litres per minute. Drilling takes only a few seconds after which the machine will rapidly empty the tank automatically leaving the operator free to drain other fluids.

Technical Details

Weight: 32 kg
Compressed air supply: 8 bar
Compressed air performance: 1.000 l/min
Special drill diameter: 12 mm
Drill speed: app. 10,4 m/min
Cutting speed: app. 220 rpm