T-Rec Rim Tyre Separator


SEDA CableCutter ICS

SEDA's new T-REC is the innovative and well thought through answer to quickly and easily separate tires from wheel rims. T-REC stands for Tire-Recycling and that is what you will do easily with T-REC help.

A simple and uncomplicated way to separate tires from rims fast was the motivation for building the new SEDA T-REC. Incorporating ingenious time saving and safety features not seen anywhere else ensures that the SEDA T-REC quickly established itself as the number one solution for tire separating technologies.

Safe, quick, economical. The SEDA T-REC offers:
Fixing system for wheels
Additional fixing pin
Visual shiver safety cage
Quick-adjustment system – tire dimension from 13" to 17"

With its unique quick adjustment system the SEDA T-REC can separate tires from all sizes of rims, steel and alloys up to a maximum size of 17 inch´s. Safety comes first at SEDA which is why our Tire separator incorporates a sturdy piercing device to deflate the tire and hold it in place while the sturdy hydraulic unit pushes the rim down and away from the tire.

With its small footprint and forklift friendly slots, the SEDA T-REC can be moved about with ease and needs very little room to operate. Ideal for smaller or overfilled yards! Time is money which is why we designed the SEDA
T-REC to be the fastest tire separator in town. Unique features and a powerful hydraulic system means a cycle time of only 15-20 seconds.

Technical Details

Rim dimensions: 13" - 17" (Alloy + Steel)
Dismantling time: app. 14 seconds
Max. work pressure: 150 bar
Separating force: 10 tons
Voltage: 400 V - 3 x Ph + N
5,5 kW 50 Hz
Length: 1,1 meters
Dimension: Width: 0,8 meters
Height: 2,4 meters
Weight: 1000 kg