Module One


SEDA CableCutter ICS

The small and professional ELV de-pollution solution! The ModuleOne is easy to install, has a small footprint and incorporates SEDA build quality at a affordable price.

The ModuleOne is the perfect solution for low volume dismantlers or scrap yards who prefer to use equipment to de-pollute their vehicles professional & within the law. Incorporating powerful 1 inch pumps and the award winning Heavy Duty (HD) tank drilling machine, the ModuleOne saves on price without sacrificing safety or quality.

Petrol, diesel, engine and gear oil, radiator coolant, brake fluid and screen wash fluid are efficiently and cleanly removed. We recommend the SEDA ModuleOne system for a productivity rate of up to 16 cars per day.

Technical Details

Air requirement: 8,5 bar - 1.210 liter/min.
Consumption Evacuation: 2.850 liter/car
Drainage time: app. 12-15 min./car
Required space: 6,0 x 4,5 x 3,8 m
Petrol: 10 l/min
Diesel: 10 l/min
Suction power: Waste oil: 3 l/min
Coolant fluid: 3 l/min
Screen washer fluid: 5 l/m.