Jumbo Line


Mobile scrap car drainage system

• Integrated suction system with double-diaphragm pumps
• Vehicle ramp type Jumboline installed on galvanized platform
• Quality control unit for optical control of the fuel
• Filters for fuel and oil
• Tank drilling device on the swing arm with gas pressureassisted height adjustment for petrol and diesel
• Mounted swing arm with pneumatic height adjustable double funnels for waste oil
• Compressed air connection on hose reels, 8 m hose
• Coolant connection with hose reel, 7 m hose with coolant awl
• Windscreen water connection on hose reel, 7 m hose with suction lance set
• Brake fluid vacuum kuli with special rubber nipples on transparent hose
• Air line lubricator and water separator unit
• SOG2 with connector set to to evacuate oil of the shock absorbers
• HoseGun to pierce hydraulic hoses and suction of residual hydraulic oil
• Brake line plier
• Brake hose plier
• Brake fluid awl
• Gearbox Drilling Device mobile
• Connector kit for tank platform
• 2 spot lights

Technical Details

Air requirement: 8,5 bar - 1.3500 l/min.
Air consumption: 2.900 l/vehicle
Suction power: approx. 12-15 min./vehicle
Required space: Petrol/Diesel: 15 l/min
Waste oil: 10 l/min
Coolant: 3 l/min
Größe: Windscreen water: 5 l/min
Brakefluid: 3 l/min
6000 x 2900 x 500 mm