Hose Gun


SEDA shock absorbers

To evacuate hydraulic oil from hoses or pipes effectively, a powerful tool is needed. The SEDA HoseGun HD is the perfect solution.

It is often necessary to evacuate liquids or gases from a closed system or circuit without leaking to protect the environment.

Special suitable for hydraulic hoses, to pierce the system and evacuate the medium with the SEDA HoseGun HD is a quick and easy method.

In conjunction with a vacuum unit and compressed air, the SEDA HoseGun HD works with a manual feed. The withdraw is pneumatic and the vacuum outlet at the punch tip will close automatically.

Technical Details

Air requirements: 8 - 10 bar
Consumption drilling process: 800 l/min
Consumption suction process: 150 l/min
Drilling time: Depending on material thickness
Suction power: 0,5 l/min
Weight: 4,5 kg
Hose length: 3,5 m