Green Point System


SEDA CableCutter ICS

The new SEDA product line with original, high quality SEDA products for small enterprises.

SEDA's remarkable Tank Drilling Machine drills through petrol tanks and sucks out petrol at a rate of up to 20 liters per minute without spilling a drop. Its robust design and ease of use have made it the Car Dismantlers favorite around the world. The new Green Point NA-VR pump is specially designed for low cost by maximum efficiency. The pump works perfect with the SEDA Tank Drilling Machine.

This Set contains:
SEDA-TankDrillingMachine "H.D."
Rubber Sleeve for TankDrilling Device
Suction hose for tank
Sealing plugs (500 Pcs.)
Base plate
Petrol pump Type NA-V
Petrol filter Type NA

Alternatively an ethanol pump can be chosen instead of the petrol pump.

Technical Details

Compressed air: 8 bar - 400 l/min
Drill time: 5 - 10 seconds
Weight drilling device: 35 kg
Weight petrol pump: 20 kg
Hose length: 2 + 6 Meter