Catchment Area


SEDA Catchment Area

Galvanised catchment areas ensure a clean and safe workplace. This increases safety and prevents seeping of dangerous substances into the soul or in other areas of the station.

We offer two types:

Catchment area set for lifting and tilting ramp
(Type B; threepart)
Outer dimensions: 5153 x 1950 mm
Cut-out for base frame
Mountings for fork-lift
Collision protection front and sides
Entire volume: 160 litres

Catchment area set for single lifting ramp
(Type C1; fourpart)
Outer dimensions: 4884 x 2348 mm
Collision protection on the side wall
Entire volume: 215 litres

Technical Details

Filling level: 20mm
Total hight: 73mm
Material: S235JR
Lifting capacity: 43 kN/m² (with evenly distributed load)
6,3 kN (with point loading on 150x150 mm)